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just for ETUDE.
Written @ 01:59
while i was FB-ing,i saw Etude House's status that reads...
"' Yeah.. SHINee's fans ... The limited edition folder and diary is available in Étude House Malaysia starting from 1st Feb 2012. All gift while stock last. Grab it before regret ! Visit today ... Terms & Conditions Apply. "
i was restless till 3 am in the morning and couldn't sleep cause i was so worried that the gifts will be out of stock -no kidding, you guys gotta believe me.

Lucky for my pitiful heart, my dad has a meeting 9.00 am in the morning in shah alam and i just took a quick nap cuz we'll have to leave at 5.00 a.m. then i decided to ask my mom,
me; " Can I go to KL today?"
mom; ".......sure."
o...kay, that was unexpected. but hey, who cares? i can go meet my boys~
my dad dropped me off at the bus station while he went to the meeting,,,and my mom...just too lazy to follow me. so she stayed., i took the bus, the train, the monorail,.....aaa.......nddd...
ta-dah!!! hello Bukit Bintang. dashed my way to Etude House in Sungei Wang Plaza. but sadly they didn't have the gifts there..:(
i had to walk all the way to Pavilion though. lucky they had 3 stores in that area. (another one in times square?)

the first thing, i went to the store and ask one of the staff there, she said they got the gifts there. and i got this butterflies twirling inside my stomach.. so relieved...so happy~~~
the staff is very nice and friendly, and her service was great! thank you! really worth my trip.
got the folder, grab some coffee at the Starbucks then went back to shah alam.
along the ride home, i was grinning like a happy fangirl i am. heeee~~~ i even grinned in my sleep...>.<

the folder. nice right?

you gotta spend rm30 and above to get the folder, rm80 and above for the diary. i don't really write much so i  preferred the folder instead. 

free sample. the staff gave me bottles of this. thanx! 
now i can drift off to etude fairyland full of fluffiness, pinky-ness and of course, with my boys.