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Written @ 13:22
was it too late to wish everyone a happy new year?
sorry, i wasn't in the mood to write lately.. since the mood came just now, i'll have to write quickly before it flies out of the window again. who knows when it'll come back. :(
Alhamdullillah, waking up on the first day of 2012, i am still in picture-perfect condition, still can feel the breeze on my cheeks, still can feel the fresh air going in and out of my lungs, still can feel the green grass poking under my feet, peeking shyly from the creaks between the 5 tiny fingers.

firstly, my new year's resolution.. ummm...stepping into this year, i want to be more matured in every aspects, my behavior, my way of thinking, my speech, and my..............height? =.=
now, i am no more a little child that can whines whenever she wants to get whatever she wants ( sometimes i do it to my parents though, ^.^, hehehe~) , i want to be a more composed person ( i doubt it)
soon, i'll have to part with my family and my school friends, alone in this challenging, adventurous world. there's more to discover in this life. i will remember my parents', my teachers' and friends'  advices to keep me going forward. when i fall down, i hope you guys will still be there for me to help me find the light. and more importantly, i have to keep praying to Allah for He will give me the ultimate guidance in this temporary world and hereafter. i also hope what i wish for this year will come true,and everything will be fine. InsyaAllah.

oh! yes~ to all my friends, i wish you all the best in whatever you are doing.For UPSR, PMR. and SPM candidates, good luck and do your best! then. you'll regret nothing. all of you, be healthy! be happy and work hard to achieve your dreams! may Allah bless you. amin..