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Arrived: SHINee OnTaeKey PB in Barcelona
Written @ 01:22
the photobook arrived last week, i was giddy and grinning like a cheshire cat all day along since the pb arrived.
i was over the moon once i heard hon van pakcik pos laju tu.,tgah redi2 nk solat ni, aku berlari2 menyambut kunjungan ikhlas pakcik tuh..ahaaa~~~
bought the pb from an online store for a quite cheap price, rm93. sebab bila compare2 dgn kdai len, ni la plg murah. ad yg jual smpi 100 lbeh.
here's what its looks like..
the front
the back

something juicier was tagged along the pb. oo yea~
thoughts on the item:
this book is only for koreans, and anyone who understands korean only cuz the content is fully in korean. which is a pitiful fact to me coz i can't understand a single thing in it..T_T
for those who didn't understand korean, rest assured, you still can enjoy the amazing pictures,taken beautifully,amazingly,outstandingly,gracefully...muahahaha~~!!
buku ni mmg tebal dan berat, macam buku rjukan biology korg tuuh., rilek2, buku ni xkn bwk trauma kt korg mcm bku rjukan bio/chem/physic/sejarah.
bahagia betul bila tgok gmbar2 dlm ni.. mcm aku ade join skali je dorg kt sane, aduuussshh..mesti sronok kan? *start berangan*
yg buku kecik ijo tuh..postcard book la rsenye. hishhyy.. sape la nk krimkn poskad ni kt org? x sggup aku nk gunting my precious.. iskk..iskk..
cadangan; hug them to sleep. moga2 leh mimpi g barcelona dgn dorg...>.< *golek2 smbil peluk pb ni*