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Arrived: SHINee THE FIRST (1st Press Limited Edition)
Written @ 02:07
terujanya aku dpt panggilan romantik dr pakcik pos laju~ >.< okay2, i found it disgusting lah pulak. sbnarnye, aku xde kt umah tu la pasal pakcik tu calling2, letak package dpn umah. 3hr aku biarkan cintaku menunggu d depan pintu.. hanya sekali "KETAP" pintu kunci tu je. iskk..iskk.. namun kini sudah slmt dlm dakapanku...*aduuii..sjak biler jiwang ni..*

SHINee THE FIRST -1st press limited edition
content: twintracks (cd + dvd - digest movie in london & japan) +photobook + dekstop calendar.
price: rm180. somehow it ended up to rm220 due to some tax issues (damasarechatta! T_T)
dah tu nk wat guano, dah oder da pn, tpkse r byr tmbhn., asdfghjkl!!!! nevertheless,prasaan aku mcm budak baru dapat surat cinta dr pakwe., sronok tak terkata, bahagia ke luar dunia.
a sneak peak~

see those 5 hunks? yea, they are my boyfriends >.<


thoughts on the item;
of course, aku x puas hati dgn rege tuh, tp dah dibayar, take it, or leave it. since i have already paid it and i wanted it so bad, i can't leave it. the only choice left; shut my eyes super tight, grab the money and pay it. :|
overall the album is good, excellent,marvelous, wallah..muah muah! EXCEPT the calendar, they said it is a DEKSTOP calendar, so i thought it is as big as a dekstop, like computer's dekstop, a lappy's dekstop, or a netbook's dekstop - the typical stand-able calendar that you can put it on TOP of your DESK. but hey! no one told me it is a MINI PALM SIZE CALENDAR?? how in any of the right way to say a mini portable palm sized calendar as a DEKSTOP CALENDAR?? patutnye tulis je lah PALM SIZED CALENDAR!!!! aaaaandd the numbers are super smaaaaaaallll???? like, kne squint ur eyes to get a better view? apekahhhh!!!
aku nk letak kalendar tu atas meja, bukan dalam handbag! asdfghjkl! sudahla, aku rembat je calendar free mane2 letak atas meja. beres.