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say goodbye to holiday
Written @ 00:32
okay, so today was the official end of my school break. wait was it today? no, its yesterday considering now its 12.30 am., soo.....what did i do during my school break? hmm, lets see, on the first 6 days, i went to some kind of educational camp at school..other than that,,,none. haha, except finishing SEMARAK JAYA., what was it again? yeah, semarak jaya yang x berjaya lg. technically i am now struggling to finish it. way to go girl! haha~ tulah awal2 dulu xnk wat, kn da huru hara hr laz., pdn muka., yeah,yeah..wateverrr! my everyday routine during holiday was: getting up late (which earn an earful from my mom-kinda used to it), online, watching some anime, eat, facebooking, reading manga,facebooking,spazzing.spacing out, fangirling,facebooking., literally, i'm facebooking. bosan, bukak fb, bukak fb,bosan. thats just how the life is.
weyyy!! wake up sister! kau tu nak SPM! whaaaat?? SPM!! waduh! spnjg holiday ni ape aku wat utk spm? none! kejap, does semarak jaya counts? =.= arghhhh!!! pe yg aku wat hah?? ohmigawd!!! spm is just few months away! buck up girl! prove urself u can do it! lazy2 no more! tenet2 no more!!! >.< tenet? no more? noooooooooooooooooo....

-the end-