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a hellsome day: runding cara
Written @ 00:49
FIRST SCENE: honking sound of cars busily enter the school compound, cheer faces of naive kids anticipating for parents' arrival, while some brows will knit, students will greet their parents n lead them to the getaway of the abyss,.

SECOND SCENE: stuck up green faces, hitched breaths, gulping sound, can be heard in the line., the kids are on their end, fearing the evil wrath of a mere supposed-to-be-sacred book,recording every sin u had committed,every deeds u had done. no harm can be seen on the book yet it emits millions of dark killer aura. if its black, u are safe. if its red, don't ever think to have a normal looking ear patched on your head. a simple changes of colour will change your day, or maybe ur life. get ready to hear the ments.

THIRD SCENE: (apply to some students) ,faces red, tint of pink colour on the nose's tip, eyes bulging out preventing the threatening tears to make their escape. keeping the head down, avoiding their gazes. feeling of guilt and embarassment welling up. sometimes scolding ur stupidity n mistakes with ur innerself. no words needed. silence is the best. just nod,nod and nod

FOURTH SCENE: roaming around,here and there. meeting friends, asking where is the next stop. a little chit-chat with ur own kinds. old n young. whenever the oldies comparing their kids, the youngsters never like it, *eyes rolled ,faces scrunched* -duhh

FIFTH SCENE/LAST: kids tugging their parents' shirt,- a notice telling them to end the chit-chat n hurry up, so we can go home, and forget this day. the jailed ones finally have their freedom, while others doesn't care nonetheless.