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emo days
Written @ 00:55
emo boys are hawt ,heave-ho~~sigh~~~i've just successfully crack the shells of my dark days. finally, i've found my light again.  those days i've locked away my heart. everything seems to be wrong. everything was annoying in my eyes, my ears. stop it, shut up, leave me alone. i just want to be alone. i want my privacy. those days i kept staring into nothingness, my eyes and heart is full of emptiness. i'll hid myself into a corner n curl up, imagining things.  all the assignments were thrown aside, far from me. i shut my ears, i shut my eyes, i shut my mouth. attempting to make myself invisible. i'll get mad over small things...

but now, those days are gone. i'm glad now i am me again. the cure? i dont know. i myself still wondering about it. there's no more pain in my heart, no more weird feelings. i'll work hard to maintain this side of me. yeah! yeah yeah u go girl~ da ra da ra da ra that girl~